-- KIT - TEL

Telescopic filing frame KIT, adjustable from 400 mm to 1150 mm for pullout hanging folders.

KIT-TEL is READY TO FIT in all wooden cabinets.

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-- Features and Advantages :

  • Lightweight elegant kit in satin finish anodised aluminium.
  • Kit ready to fit with mounting parts, ball-bearing runners & profiles.
  • Quick and easy to mount (3 minutes) with mounting instructions.
  • The filing frame is easily mounted with 12 screws and KT840 track screw channel.
  • 2 mounting options: screwed to vertical sides or under shelf.
  • Heavy duty through design of KT840 track.
  • KIT-TEL provides high filing capacity without wasting space.
  • KIT-TEL can be slid quietly with one hand even when fully loaded.
  • KIT-TEL measurements: 40 cm to 114cm x 39 cm.




-- Description :

KIT-TEL consists of 2 separate elements :

- Element 1 : KIT-TEL 2000(Click here)

- Element 2: KT840 Track(Click here)